Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Is Your Glass Stove Top Clean?

Do you have a glass top stove? If you are like me you do and you loved it when you first got it. The top was so clean and shiny. You didn't have those weird looking electric burners to clean up. But let's face it, that stove top never looked the same after it's first use. No matter what I did to clean it I could never get that shine back. And don't even think of trying to use an iron skillet. I tried to be careful and not move it to save the scratches but it didn't matter. It looked so sad. I have purchased the official cleaners, tried home remedies and to no avail. And then came Pinterest...

I found this post on Pinterest and thought why not it couldn't hurt to try it right?

Well, guess what? It actually does work! Baking soda has to be one of those amazing products that will last forever. I followed the instructions of the original post from Behind the Studio. Here are my step-by-step pictures that I snapped along the way:
My glass top stove. The non-shiny glass top that it is.

The ingredients: a bowl of hot soapy water, a few towels, and baking soda

I dumped a whole bunch of baking soda on the glass top.

Then I placed several towels that had been soaking in the hot, soapy water
After 15 minutes and one wipe down this is what it looked like.
After several wipes attempts to remove the baking soda paste. This is what it looked like. It was already cleaner than before.
The overall process worked well. I do have to warn you it was rather messy. I had to clean it several times to get all of the baking soda cleaned up. I also took the opportunity to soak my burner knobs in the hot, soapy water. They shined and sparkled as well.

I have to tell you that I think if I did this periodically that I could actually have a like new glass top again. It's a miracle! Oh Pinterest how you have changed my life...

Have any of you tried this with your glass top stove? What about other remedies that work? I would recommend trying this if you haven't!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Everything Is Better with Bacon

Everything is better with bacon, right? According to my husband it is! When I saw this post on Pinterest I just had to try it.

I detest cooking bacon on the stove. It is stinky, greasy and let's face it I burn myself at least once every time. I actually had no idea this was even possible. I may be the only one in the world that didn't know but I tell ya it worked! I followed the directions per the original website and it worked like a charm.

Here are the step-by-step pictures:
First, I lined the cookie sheets with parchment paper.

I laid the bacon out trying to space them apart. Notice it took me two cookie sheets? I need new cookie sheets!

Half way through the cooking

The finished product

Now I know this does not look all that great but let me assure it the grease stayed in the paper and the cookie sheet. I had crisp, evenly cooked bacon. To top it off, all I had to clean up were the two pans and not a grease-splattered kitchen. I also had time to prepare the rest of our breakfast for dinner meal. It was postivitely wonderful!

I would highly recommend cooking bacon this way. My family loved it and I didn't have to be treated for any burns. It was a great night!