Saturday, January 14, 2012

Chalk It Up to a Little Paint

 I was so inspired by this picture I pinned from Good Housekeeping magazine. I had also seen so many other chalkboard paint ideas that I had to try out the paint on something. So I decided to paint the inside of my pantry door. What could it hurt? If it looked awful at least it is on the inside right?

I went to the local Home Depot and checked out my options. I fount a quart of Blackboard paint that was $9.00. I just about passed out! That is a lot of money for that little quart of paint. I didn't find any other options so I went with what they had. I bought the Rust-Oleum brand Chalkboard paint in the basic black color. I also purchased a sponge roller and a throw away pan. So in all I only spent around $18.00 with tax.

Like I stated above, I chose the inside of my pantry door. It has 'grooves' (not a clue what that is really called) so I decided to just paint the inside on the top. Here is the door before any paint was added.

After I carefully read the instructions (yes, I may have finally learned my lesson!) I applied the first coat of paint on the top section of the door. That is when I thought of this post from Apartment Therapy that I found on Pinterest as well. Instead of just having the top section painted why not paint the bottom and let this be the kids section to write on. I have a 2 and 6 year old. I firmly believe my 6 year is a future artist so I must help provide her with ways to display her talent right?

So I added a coat of paint to the bottom as well. Now, the directions state that you must wait 4 hours before applying another layer of paint. So I applied the first coat of paint then I managed to cook supper, clean the kitchen, bath the kids, put them to bed, watch a little t.v. and then I applied the second coat. Since it was my bed time I wrapped the roller and paint tray in aluminum foil and went to bed. I woke to a painted pantry door that looked really cool but I decided to add just one more coat of paint just to be sure.

After the three coats of paint I was so excited to try it out then I read the directions and found that the surface is NOT ready to use for three days! My kids were appalled (and so was I!). Since I do not have patience and I still had 3/4 of the quart of paint left I start looking for another surface that needed to be a chalkboard. That is when I went upstairs to the kids playroom, cleared a wall and started painting. I followed the same steps as I mentioned above using the same quart of paint. The one thing that I did forgot is to take before and after shots of their wall. Here is a shot of my kids in their pi's enjoying their new art area of the playroom. 

And here is a shot of my pantry door in use. I love this because my husband now has a place to write down what our grocery needs are as we run out. I have also written our menu for the week near the bottom. And of course it entertains the kids for at least a few minutes everyday.  

My review on the chalkboard paint: Spectacular! I only purchased one quart of paint, one roller and one paint tray and created to spaces. I am still shocked that I didn't need a second quart for the kid's playroom. The wall is much longer than what you see in the picture above. I am looking forward to finding additional areas or items to utilize the rest of that quart of paint. Not bad for $18!

One thing I have not done is find or create a good place for the chalk. Do you guys have any good suggestions? Leave me a comment below to give me your ideas!


Anonymous said...

You could get a holder with a suction cup. I'm thinking something for in the shower? Your chalkboards look great!