Friday, January 13, 2012

Southwestern Egg Rolls

Just hearing the name Southwestern Egg Rolls makes me want to go to Chili's and order some. I never thought that it was something that I could make at home until I found the recipe on Pinterest! I decided to try out this great recipe from Annie's Eats for a recent party. Turns out the egg rolls were a hit! Read on to see how I made them and my final review.

I read the recipe carefully and headed to Kroger for the ingredients. Having never purchased egg roll wraps before I wasn't sure where to locate these in the grocery store. Just as an FYI, I did locate them in the produce section.

I mixed all of the ingredients  according to the recipe and it turns out that it makes a whole lot! I actually purchased two packages of the egg roll wraps and was glad I did.

Next I had to actually wrap the egg rolls. Having never done this before I wasn't sure how this would turn out. I followed the recipe's instructions and it turns out that it really wasn't that hard. Here are some pictures to illustrate my steps (please ignore the non-manicured hands!):

I actually had three pans of these to bake. It was amazing how much this recipe actually did yield. I baked the egg rolls according to the recipe and look how great they turned out! They were a hit at a party and the next day for my lunch. 

My official review is WOW! These are wonderful if you like the Southwestern Egg Rolls appetizer at Chili's. They are easy to make and great to eat. Plus it made double of what I thought it would. I had around 40 egg rolls so I suggest buying two packages of the egg roll wraps. Simple, easy appetizer to take for a party! Thank you Annie's Eats!


kyle and angie said...

i was at the party and they were AMAZING!